Gettou is a herb classified in zingiberaceae that grows up to 2-3 meters height even in a harsh soil with strong UV radiation.

Large and lush green leaves of Gettou have antiseptic and antibacterial effects. In Okinawa, they have been used for wrapping foods and insect repellent. The Gettou that grows in the strong sunlight and sea breeze has a strong antioxidant effect.

Gettou herb water and Gettou essential oil are gathering attention for their antiaging effect. Only 30cc of Gettou essential oil can be extracted from 100kg of leaves.

It has been proven that the plant contains extremely high reactive oxygen removal effect from the research of Ryukyu University.

Moreover, the Gettou has an aromatic effect that calms women’s minds that are likely to fluctuate by the changes of hormonal unbalance.

RUHAKU only uses Gettou plants cultivated on the Hamahiga island in Okinawa archipelago, that is certified by the biological organic institution “JAS”.

The island of Hamahiga is a sacred island, used to be called “the island where gods live”.


Sea Grapes: it is a kind of seaweed, very much like a grape of fruit that grows in the ocean. It is very rare seaweed which can only find under the tropical sun and clean sea around Okinawa.It has been popular since ancient times around Okinawa as the "longevity grass of the sea".

It contains rich mineral,polyphenol and amino acid and works as moisturizer.