How To Use

Japanese style skin care

Apply by massaging the cleansing oil into dry skin. Once the cleansing oil has been thoroughly applied, add a small amount of either cold or warm water to “emulsify” the oil to a milky liquid. Rinse off gently with warm water.

After cleansing, take lotion on cotton and wipe the skin softly. If you scrub hardly, it can cause pigmentation and spot. Use like praise and stroke yourself who worked hard all day. Use the oil while the skin is wet with the lotion.

Get the oil on your hands then fold your hands and put it on entire face after warming a little. Then, take deep breaths enjoying the aroma, and do lymphatic massage for detox.

Finally, get the cream on the palm of your hand. Then fold your hands like praying and put the cream on entire face thoroughly. For the points that are likely to dry, please put the cream repeatedly.